Let's go ride bikes!

Building websites. Shouting at squirrels.

Brainside Out is a web design shop that loves to build websites embracing the whole "web standards" thingamajig. Forged in the image of Dane Petersen, our founder and lone-gun, we also enjoy hopping excitedly from one foot to the other.

  • Shovel Point Rush Hour
  • Hood River To-Do List
  • Deschutes River Dance Party
  • Mount Adams Crampons

We here at Brainside Out are obsessed with quality. We drink only the finest loose tea, listen to only the best indie rock, and shred only the gnarliest powder. You can bet that if you turn us loose on your website, you'll find the same fanaticism in all the work we do.

Our skills run wild and rampant, but our favorite thing to do is build standards-based websites using XHTML and CSS, with a sprinkling of PHP and DOM-based JavaScript to help get the job done. Before we even touch a line of code, however, we spend a lot of time engaging in information strategery, making sure that we choose a format and layout that will work well for you, your site, and most importantly your users.

Does this sound interesting? Are you ready to rock and roll? Perhaps we can do something for ya. Please see our porfolio for examples of work we've done for other people, and send us a message when you're good and ready to talk.